Frequently Asked Questions
What is Osprey Cash?

Deposited funds, known as Osprey Cash, are prepaid and linked to your Richard Stockton ID Card. Your account balance declines as funds are spent. Funds rollover from year to year. Osprey Cash is accessed by the Cardholder for the purchase of products and services at Richard Stockton and surrounding merchants, as available.

What is the difference between Flex Dollars and Osprey Cash?

Flex Dollars are part of your meal plan and can only be used on campus at food service locations. Osprey Cash can be used on campus at food service locations, the bookstore, PAC and convenience locations. It can also be used at participating off-campus locations.

How can I add funds to my Osprey Cash account?

Funds can be added at the Bursar’s office at Campus Center Suite 202 or you may do so online (Deposit Here). For online, make a payment to your main student account via web check or credit card. Then complete and submit online an “Osprey funds” form indicating the amount of funds to be transferred to your id card from the credit on your main student account. Online payments are updated twice a day.

Where can I use Osprey Cash on campus?

Bookstore, Chartwells and PAC.

Where can I use Osprey Cash off-campus?

Click HERE for a list of participating locations.

How much should I deposit each semester?

Your deposits will reflect your spending habits both off and on-campus. You can add funds anytime throughout the school year.

What happens if I lose my ID Card?

From the Stockton Homepage log on to Manage My ID, or just click here.

Can I get a refund of my Osprey Cash?

Yes. Upon graduation or as requested by a student at the end of the academic year. All refund checks are issued through the Bursar’s Office.

Are there any restrictions on what I can buy with Osprey Cash?

Yes- you may not purchase alcohol or tobacco products using Osprey Cash
No exceptions made for those over 21 years of age.